Krashburn MSB7 MultiScale bass

Ryan Dickinson // The Monolith  

Rusty Holloway // Design of Destiny // X-Blade Demo 

Check the bass we just finished. Debut at Winter ‪#‎Namm‬ 2016.‪#‎Multiscale‬ ‪#‎Bass‬ ‪#‎7String‬



NorcalBassix Presents: SRJ5 Bass

Ryan describes his KrashBurn " Monolith ", from

head to toe and also demo's the guitar live & uncut! 

The Ultimate " KrashTest " . We are very excited to work with Ryan D. and like to thank him for his hard work!

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Custom Designed & Handmade in california, usa.

   KrashBurn Guitars builds affordable handmade custom designs and classic guitar reproductions for working musicians and hobbyists alike...

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​​The SRJ5 is yet another handmade creation from luthier Jim Kefalas at KrashBurn Guitars in Redding Ca.
Features an alder body, birdseye maple neck..

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​​My friend and bandmate, Ryan Dickinson, was the one who encouraged me to hit up Jim to see what it would take for me to get a custom guitar. Jim was understanding to my skepticism of spending the extra money for something custom and handmade, but he ensured me that I would be 100% satisfied,

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By: Rusty Holloway


Ryan Dickinson // The Monolith Photoshoot

Krashburn Multi-Scale 4 Bass Review by: Norcal Bassix

Ryan Dickinson // A Devils Daydream " Beasts of Gevaudan  "

Krashburn  " Hollowburn "

This shoot features our Artist Ryan Dickinson and his guitar " The Monolith " built by us, KrashBurn Guitars! To find out more about " The Monolith " visit the Guitars page or check out Design of Destiny & A Devil's Daydream where Ryan is ripping guitars left & right! We are proud to be working with Ryan and looking forward to a good future together @ #teamkrashburn. 

This videos features Artist Ryan Dickinson and his guitar " The Monolith ". Krashburn Guitars & A Devil's Daydream present you with " Beasts of Gevaudan ".

By: Ryan Dickinson


This videos features Artist Rusty Holloway and a KrashBurn Guitars X-Blade. Look out in the future for another release of this song as a single for Design of Destiny!


This video is a full review our of KrashBurn MultiScale 4 bass by NorCal Bassix."  Another beautiful creation from Krashburn Guitars in Redding California. " The Multiscale 4 bass ran into a Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe preamp pedal and Tech 21 RVB reverb pedal.